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As the times are changing so does the technology. Here is the DJI’s new Drone. The MAVIC MINI which is packed with features at the current price. And here are 7 reasons to buy MAVIC MINI and if you find these 7 reasons to buy  Mavic Mini reasonable do rate this article 5 star.

1. size

It is 249 gms. meaning that it does not need to be registered in numerous countries, including the UK and USA.

So the first thing I want to talk about is of course the size of DJI Mavic Mini, It is so small that you can slip the foldable DJI Mavic Mini into your pocket or handbag and capture life’s big adventures quickly and easily. Also, the remote controller has detachable control sticks for added portability.


2. flight time

30 Minutes of fly time.

Flight Time of Mavic Mini literally blew my mind. And this is one of the most important reasons to buy Mavic mini. Let me tell you this, I was able to hover this Mavic Mini for approximately 27 minutes(With 5% battery remaining).

So I tested this with a little bit of wind, but I am pretty sure, it can stay up to 30 minutes in the air in a windless condition which is also promised by DJI.

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3. how much does Mini mavic cost?

It will cost you $399 $ $499(Fly More Combo)

Well that is the pretty usual question I had in mind before buying this drone.

If you go for the basic package which is a Drone, Remote Control, one battery and some of the chords that go along with it will cost you $399.

I will recommend going for Fly More Combo where you get 2 more batteries, hub to charge batteries and an extra set of propellers and of course the nice-looking DJI Mavic case. You also get propeller case(to protect propeller) but who needs this 🙂 . So this combo will cost you $100 more which is $499.

4. weight

It only weighs around 249 gms. So you don’t need to register with the FAA.

As per FAA rules, any drone above 250 grams should be registered with FAA before flying. However for Mavic Mini, this rule does not apply, but the rest of the rules will apply, for example how high you can fly and where you can fly, etc. So be responsible while flying!!

Watch this video from DJI to know more. OR Check it on Amazon

5. 3 axis gimbal

3 Axis Gimbal for more camera stability

It was one of the complaints people had with DJI Spark where we had 2 axis gimbal.

It seems that DJI listened to the complaints and we have DJI Mavic Mini which comes with a 3 axis gimbal which gives the camera more stability than the 2 axis gimbal in the air.


6. distance

Rated to go away 4 Km which is about 2 and a half miles.

Anything this small if you fly for this long you going to lose in the air.  I was able to fly this for around 1500 Ft. without any transmission issues. 

It’s enhanced WiFi gives you the confidence to fly this drone for around 1500 Ft. very easily.

But definitely you can fly this more than 1500 ft. as long as it is in your line of sight.


7. picture quality

12 MP Camera with 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor & 2.7K video 30fps.

With a 12MP camera capable of shooting 2.7K Quad HD videos and a 3-axis mechanical gimbal, Mavic Mini provides ultra-clear, super-smooth footage of your everyday adventures.

For the price, there are some seriously impressive features here, making it the best choice in the cheapest and most powerful class of drones, as well as fulfilling the needs of daily aerial photography. 



Okay, the DJI Mavic Mini isn’t perfect. It would have been nice to be able to shoot 4K video, or take advantage of object tracking and HyperLapse, but for a small drone, the Mini is capable of some big things.

Its 12MP camera, long battery life, incredible portability and ease to control make it ideal for everyday photography and flying fun. The fact it weighs 249g means it is safe and ideal for newbies and children alike. And all of this for under £50.

Today’s Price on Amazon

DJI Mavic mini FAQ

With a fully charged battery, Mavic Mini offers up to 30 minutes of flight time.

First, insert the battery into the aircraft and turn it on. Then connect the DJI Fly app or DJI Assistant 2 with the aircraft. If the battery version and the aircraft version are inconsistent, an upgrade prompt will appear.

It takes 90 minutes to fully charge a battery with the Quick Charge 2.0 18W USB charger (50 minutes for the 1100 mAh battery

Yes, however, the included cable may not be long enough to connect. You can use a Micro USB OTG cable, which can be purchased at the DJI Online Store.

Photo Resolutions
4:3 4000 × 3000
16:9 4000 × 2250
Video Resolutions
2.7K: 2720 × 1530 25/30p
FHD: 1920 × 1080 25/30/50/60p

Yes. Mavic Mini comes with a dedicated remote controller, and the control sticks can even be detached for convenient transportation and storage.

There are two scenarios that would trigger this prompt ” Aircraft Power Insufficient “.

First, the aircraft might be flying with full power under the sport mode against the wind direction. Second, the aircraft might be flying with full power with propeller guards installed.

No worries, this message is considered as normal 

Or You can also try flashing the firmware. This also solves the issue in many scenarios


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